Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday giveaway - upholstery samples

Today's giveaway is a set of eight samples of upholstery fabric. The fabric is quite thick, about the thickness of denim jeans, although much softer. They came from Laura Ashley and are about 3.5" x 5" or 9x14 cm.

squares of fabric

There are two of each fabric, in warm reds, to match our dining room curtains. One fabic has gold swirls on it. Apart from the white ones, obviously.

squares of fabric

I could imagine them being turned into tissue holders, but I'm sure other people could come up with alternatives - a patch pocket on a bag? Mobile phone cases? Dice bags?

I don't know if they are washable, and the colour might run if you try.


free indeed said...

Think I might try to patch them together to make a purse front...looks like the colors would play nicely together. THanks.

tea and cake said...

I won't chance another posting off to Scotland, but they do look like they'd make a lovely cushion, don't they....?

katelnorth said...

they'd make nice backgrounds for ATCs, etc - great colours!