Friday, August 29, 2008

Loden Mist - the first sleeve

On my list of "things to photograph" I've still got the holiday[1] lace.

On my list of "photos to transfer from the other camera" are a whole load of photos from our holiday.

But this is what I'm knitting right now:

purple knitting

It's the Loden Mist cardigan from Knitter's Magazine, Spring 2007, in Kid Silk Spray (ie variegated Kid Silk Haze). The KS was an absolute bargain - £1.85 a ball in John Lewis sale - that's only 25% of the recommended retail price. I hardly ever get that type of bargain.

I loved Loden Mist when I first saw it. However it wasn't until I got the KS and saw (on Ravelry) that other people had made it using KS that I realised that it was a perfect match. To begin with it was really hard to knit, due to using bluntish metal needles, but I went through my collection and came up with some wooden DPNs which make it much easier to work. Unfortunately they are DPNs, and as my sleeve gets wider, the chance of one falling off the end is getting much higher.

OTOH, I am going to the i-knit day next weekend (thanks to the generosity of a poster on ravelry who sent me her ticket, thanks Clare). If, as seems likely, I can't get to a shop this week, I'm sure to find a nice pair of wooden needles there.

[1] That's "holiday" as in "vacation".

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back from my holidays

I was a bit naughty - I used blogger's advance posting feature to put up some posts, and left you thinking I was still here, when I'd actually sneaked off on my hols. Then when I got back from my holiday, I didn't get round to posting

We were on Fuertaventura in the Canary Islands. I could show you lots of holiday photos - including the ones of the water carriers, sunning themselves by the pool - except they are on the other camera.

The highlight of the trip was probably resting in the hammock during our siesta. I knew it was time to end the siesta when the sun had moved enough that the hammock was no longer in the shade. Clocks? Hardly used at all.

We went to the beach, swum in the private pool we had access to, walked into the village for our shopping, visited the tourist town close by, read, did sudokos, played patience games with real cards, and generally chilled out.

Dh had decided that we would only take hand luggage, so I couldn't rely on doing my planned sock knitting. Instead I took my Fleece Artist yarn, and some crochet hooks - but I didn't do very much with it. I concluded that I liked to have a choice of things to do, and to know what I was going to do next.

One of the main local crafts was hardinger embroidery, and I brought back a small piece. It didn't include my favourite stitch, which I was told was called "windmill" and looked like the spokes of a wheel, with a circle round them. The pieces I found with it on were larger then I would use, so I got a smallish one instead (about 20cm x 30cm), which I can envisage using as a table mat. I got anther small piece for a Christmas present, but I'm not sure how it was made.

The other crafty thing I bought was a lovely little crochet butterfly. It was interesting to look at the local craft shops. The state-sponsered ones seemed to sell things made by the same people - I saw the butterflys in at least three shops. The also had some sunbonnet sue and other patchwork, felt flowers, pottery and jewelry.

Anyway, it was a lovely break, and I am definitely planning to show you some photos.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Water Carriers

Given that we are off to foreign climes, one of my major pieces of crafting has been making a selection of water bottle carriers. The idea is that everyone is responsible for their own water, rather then the adults having to lug them round the whole time.

It is also a good stash-busting exercise: I've finished four balls of cotton making them.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Mazz and the BBC, Part 2

Remember the post I made about Mazz, and the Adipose knitting pattern?

The Open Rights Group, who have been supporting Mazz, have an update on their blog:

"The BBC have agreed to meet with Mazz and turn her knitted designs into, at the very least, a limited edition of exclusive promotional products. Apparently the production team love her works and can’t wait to get their own."

That's one of the secret things I've been doing. Nuff said.

(You may also have seen the supplement in the Guardian a week or so ago. The ebay seller who caused the kerfuffle must be really annoyed with themself now.)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Saturday's Sky

The clouds in the sky on Saturday had the same rippled effect as sand at the edge of the sea...
clouds in blue sky
clouds in sky

(The ripples don't show up well on the small version of the second picture. Click on both for the high res version.)