Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Oxford Snippets

unusually shaped window

A young girl, perhaps no more then ten years old, gets a violin out of a case which she places on the pavement in front of her. Two older women are close by, perhaps her mother and grandmother.

Like a rank of soldiers, six employees of Boots in white shirts and black trousers stride across the road. When they approach the shop entrance, the rank dissolves into a small group.

The job agency window advertises vacancies for "temporary chemists" and for "scientists of all types".

I was in Oxford on Saturday, for the annual Research in Progress Day given by the British Society for the History of Maths. I planned to do a blog post, like this one from last year, with a series of "scenes from Oxford". However the editor of the BSHM's journal asked me if I could write a review of the day. I agreed with alacrity, and from that point on I stopped thinking about writing blog posts and started thinking about writing academic journal reports.

These bluebells are nestling at the roots a very old wisteria (I think) in Queen's College.


Kitty said...

I live near Oxford - that stone of the building in your first picture is just so typical of Oxford colleges, isn't it? Those are the first bluebells I've seen this year. x

Penny said...

They are the first bluebells I've seen as well, but the garden was really quite sheltered and the wall behind the wisteria was south facing: they must have been in the sun all day long.