Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Reflections on the Pathway

It's seven years today since I started this blog.

When I first started it, my thoughts hovered round plans for posts and ideas of what I was going to say. I liked blogging here, it gave me a chance to indulge in one of my life-long passions: writing.

Meanwhile, I did the Woman Returners to Science Engineering and Technology course with the OU. It helped me identify what work I wanted to do - researching and writing, perhaps a technical author role or something like that - and I developed an action plan.

But stuff happened, and instead of putting my Action Plan into action, I took a different OU course in the History of Maths. I loved it and decided to undertake further study - but not just then.

An image that is a metaphor for my life: the route is pre-selected, the destination unknown Meanwhile, I blogged on, and crafted on, and wrote essays, and met bloggers, and helped Ferret at the Festival of Quilts.

And then more Stuff happened, and I found myself writing a Proper Blog on a Technical Subject. It was not just writing, but a whole other set of happenings, like being quoted in the national press, and getting mentioned in the House of Commons. And I started a SideBlog, so that the people who liked Me on the Technical Blog could see some of the other things I wrote as well.

This blog got overlooked: my words were being used up by the Proper Blog. Crafting turned into my break from net stuff, so I don't want to have net obligations for writing about it. I sometimes put pictures on ravelry. I am knitting some Phlangees gloves at the moment, and the summertime top still.

Life has changed since I started this blog: the Proper Blog is the kind of work that the OU course said I wanted to do.

This blog was a necessary part of the route. The journey is not over, but I may have left this part behind