Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moving to new blogger?

This might be the last time I post with my old blogger account: blogger tells me I have to move. So if it all goes disasterously wrong, and the whole thing vanishes, you'll know why. If need be, check my website http://www.penspot.co.uk. At the moment, all you get is a link back here, but if here vanishes, or stops being updated, it'll link to any replacement blog.

I've been busy with my OU course. I got my first assignment back yesterday, and I get full marks. I'm rather pleased about this, as you imagine. I'm enjoying the course tremendously: its History of Maths.

Knit wise, I seem to be frogging as much as I'm knitting. I started Florence from Rowan 35 (as opposed to Florence from another Rowan publication) and frogged it because it looked like it was definately going to be too small. I'm knitting a Knuck from Knitty, and have had to partially frog it three times. At this rate, it won't be ready until the summer, which is no good for keeping my hands warm now.

Sewing wise, I have done teensy bits, consisting mainly of winding bobbins. It's worth saying that I got Popular Patchwork with Ferret's quilt in it. She has managed to create a very effective design that really shows off the fabric. In one of those ironies of life, its the fabric I commented on here.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wednesday Finish

This is my new yoga mat bag: I finished it on Wednesday.

It's my own design: there were lots of knitted ones on the internet, but none that I could find that were sewn. It has two handles - a long strap for putting it over my shoulder and another for carrying it in my hand. The material cost about £2/metre from a local shop, but I have no idea what its made of: I'd bought 1.5m last year.

The original plan was to make it barrel shaped with a round base. After I sewed the long side, I decided just to sew across the bottom instead. Unfortunately this meant it wasn't long enough, so I needed to add a flap at the top. This delayed the bag more then feasible: I want an accompanying messenger style bag, but with the limited amount of material available, I knew I'd have to cut it out carefully. But I also wanted to line it, so I made the lining for the accompanying bag, then I cut out the material and made the outer bag. Then I realised I was running low on thread, so I stopped making the messenger bag and started the yoga bag again. And then I finished the yoga bag.

I'm very, very pleased with it. I like the way it looks almost like a medieval quiver. More specifically, I'm really pleased with the eveness of the sewing.
detail of sewing

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Congratulations all round, for a number of good and varied achievements to a varied group of people, including Ferret, Rosamundi, Olivia and Vicky. If I haven't seen your recent achievement, congratulations to you too, and let us know what it was.

I made a pot scrubber out of a plastic bag today. It's like this one: I love the light and shadows and reflections in this picture:-relections of translucent needles

The needles are Susan Bates, and are ideal for knitting string made from plastic bags.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Squared Up

To summarise Tuesday's course:

Ferret was the teacher.

The class quilt can be seen here.

The ruler was a square in a square ruler.

The place was Patchwork Corner.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


Before the children went outside:snow by pots
After the children went outside:trampled snow by pots

No school today!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hat Details

hat on balloon

Pattern: Funky Flapper, from Ruth
Yarn: cascade 220, present from Caitlyn
Needles: 5mm Brittany Birch DPN
Crotchet Hook: 5mm
Duration: 15/01/07 - 28/01/07

DH wanted a hat. DH now has a hat.

I think I should have used the next size down of needles, as the fabric came out a bit floppy. DH says he will wear it anyway.

I liked the wool: it was my first experience of Cascade 220, and it knitted nicely. It didn't split, even though it seems to be two colours plied together, didn't break, didn't itch and generally didn't do all the things that annoy people about other yarns. If I was the type of person to order online, this is something I'd happily order.

The pattern was a good design. I altered it a bit, as my gauge was a bit off compared to the pattern: I did an extra couple of rounds of increasing. Ruth didn't include a stitch count at the end of the increase section which I would have liked, and there was one place where I had to read ahead to check precisely what the instructions wanted me to do. But these are minor quibbles, the design itself was good.

It was also my first experience of a crotchet edging. This really neatened off the edges, and makes it look a whole lot better.

DH just came to ask where his hat was. I think he likes it.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Four things

fabric postcard in pinksfranked blue stamp on fabric postcardOne - I got my fabric postcard from Kate on Wednesday. Isn't it pretty! There are several techniques on it: patchwork, stamping, couching (hope that's the right term). The picture doesn't do it justice.

When I first heard about fabric postcards, I thought they were postcard sized bits of fabric art which went in an envelope before being posted. They aren't. They are postcard sized bits of fabric art, with some kind of stiffening in the centre which go directly in the post. Look - a franked stamp on the address side.

blurry pile of fabricTwo - you might like to see the material I bought. I took numerous pictures and not one shows the variation in colours. The instructions ask for two colours of material plus a zinger: my colours were a red which varies from pinky-red to maroon, and a browny-goldy orange. In every photo either the orange looks red or one of the reds looks orange. This one - blurry and out of focus though it is - gets the contrast less worse then the others. (The zinger is lime green). I do like my choices, although when I was choosing I kept picking toning colours. Maybe I need to practise choosing colours with a whole load more contrast.

The course is being taught by Ferret.

Three - SnB was on Wednesday: an enjoyable evening of knitting and chat. Unfortunately I think I've lost my knitting mojo. I've done so much knitting over the last couple of months (and almost no other crafting) that I probably need a break. The next on my list was fingerless gloves for me, which I do really need.

Four - my fourth finish of the year, a hat for DH. More details later.hat on balloon