Sunday, June 21, 2009

Koine Greek

One idea I've toyed with for a while is the idea of learning Koine Greek so I can read the New Testament in the original. This is slightly (very slightly!) less daunting for someone with a maths/physics background, because so many of the letters are used to stand in for various parameters - lambda (λ) for wavelength, pi for 3.14, etc. Alpha, beta and gamma particles come in to nuclear physics (needed in astronomy), delta is a variable in calculus and so on.

However, I'd put that aside because it is more necessary to learn the seventeenth century language of Science: Latin.

This weekend I'd gone back to Greek, for tomorrow I will be teaching a session on ancient Greek mathematics for Year 5 (9 - 10 year olds). I couldn't find all the notes I'd made last year, so I was checking up Greek maths words still in use today. I stil get a small kick out of the fact that the modern words for parable and for parabola are the same in Greek (which came first? I wish I knew).

The topic I will teach is the Elements, the famous Greek geometry book used for 2000 years as the basis of geometry. And in my surfing, I came across this website, about learning Greek to be able to read the Elements. The text of the Elements that we have is written in the literary koinh/ typical of the 1st century AD it said.

So now comparing the Elements (second most published book) and the Bible has another strand: it uses the same language.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Translucent in the sun

Now that it is nearly used up, the ball of Kid Silk Spray glows translucent in the morning sun.
square of

But will there be enough to finish the sleeve?square of

As I get closer to the end, with six rows to go (and the casting off), it is looking uncertain...
square of

Monday, June 15, 2009

My new purse

Having shown you some of the material, I ought to show you the resulting purse (that's purse in the UK sense of coin purse):
square of

Opening it up, you can see several of the pockets. The front pocket and the one behind are from the material shown here - the back of that fabric is completely plain.
square of

The pattern was the Lazy Girl Designs Wonder Wallet:
square of
(I didn't use all the material in the background)

Firstly it is simple to make: it took me less then two hours, and I was going quite slowly, admiring it at intervals. Secondly, the pattern is well-written. You have to read it through first, but there are no places where the instructions are unclear. I think if I made it again I might make the opening for the change pocket narrower (you'd see what I mean if you had the pattern in front of you). Also I'd consider a popper to keep the back pocket shut.

So over all, a thumbs-up from me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mystery of the Missing Knitting Needle, Part II

I found my missing knitting needle. It was in the door pocket on the driver's side.

I have not yet worked out how it could have got there - if I'd put it somewhere in the car, I'd have put it on the passenger seat. But I'm just glad I found it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Woe is me

This will be me this morning: there is a planned electricity outage in the village this morning
song chart memes
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Secondly, I thought I'd nearly finished my waistcoat. That was until I tried putting it together and it became obvious the armholes were much to big. However because I'd changed the stripe pattern on the back, I needed to frog back to that and change it back. Lots of knitting, but it was also the s'n'b night. By this point, there was one needle upstairs with my knitting, where I had been trying it on, and one downstairs: I took everything downstairs and made sure I put the downstairs needle in my bag.

I got to the knitting group, did my frogging, and went to start my knitting. But I only had one needle. They are an unusual size, between 8mm and 9mm, so no-one else had one I could borrow. I had no alternative project, and no-one had brought along any spare magazines. It was this project or nothing. Luckily the wool was quite 'sticky': so I did a rather convoluted thing of putting the stitches on a (borrowed) smaller needle, knitting onto my needle, pulling the needle out and putting the stitches onto a small needle again.

When I got home, I looked in all the places where my needle might be, it wasn't there. I think I must have taken it to knitting, and while I was frogging, it dropped silently to the floor and rolled off. Normally when it is time to go home, I stay and help tidy up the hall, but last night there was someone going early and my car was blocking her in. Seeing as I had to move my car, I drove home anyway (the space is constricted, and parking again would have been a complex process). Hopefully someone spotted it and picked it up, and will return it next time. In the meantime, I'll just have to continue with the removing stitches marlarky.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

It makes me happy

This picture makes me very happy for two reasons.

square of

1) Firstly, I am making the purse pattern bought on Friday. The intent was to make it using oddments different stash fabrics, so I selected some stash to make it with, photographed the fabric and ironed it. But when I unfolded this L-shaped piece, I realised that the fat leg was exactly 6.5 inches wide: I have a long-term project that involves squares of fabric that have sides 6 to 7 inches long.

Reviewing the sizes needed for the purse, I could cut out two pieces (marked 1 and 2 in the picture), the 6.5 inch square (marked 3) and that would leave me a selvage piece (marked 5) and a single other piece which was approximately 14 inches by 2.5 inches (marked 4). Having such neat pieces left over makes me feel happy.

2) Secondly I now know more about using the GIMP graphics program then I did this morning. (Noted here for future reference.)

To draw the straight lines, you go to the Tools menu on the image pane and select "Paths". Click on the original image for the first end, and then again at the other end. This effectively shows the ruler you are about to draw along.

Then go to the edit menu, and select "Stroke Path". This gives a pop up window, allowing you a variety of options for the line. I selected "Sroke with a paint tool" and my tool was pencil.

The numbers were added using the text tool.

Friday, June 05, 2009

More pansies

Remember the pansy fabric I bought on the shop hop?

Well I bought some more.

At the shop hop, they were handing out 10% off voucher for June as the shop is moving at the end of the month. So I had a day out today, taking in the nearby garden centre and Ikea as well.

I bought to the end of the bolt of the small pansy fabric - 1.45m, so not too extreme. I got 1.5 m of the large pansy fabric. There was also a fabric with just purple pansies, so I got a metre of that as well.

The other purchase was a pattern for making a purse, and the velcro necessary to finish it. The pattern isn't on their website.

Unfortunately the weather today was not conducive to washing and drying it rapidly. And tomorrow I have my Latin tutoral.