Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainbow Comfort Pack Appeal

rainbow comfort pack appeal
Bushfires are so alien to my comfortable English upbringing, where a heatwave means 30C temperatures. They are half a world away, and my knowledge of them was little more then a description of one in the Silver Brumbly books - all I could remember was the horses and animals fleeing for the creek.

And then, in one of the Australian news articles it had a comment from a firefighter from Bellarat. I know Bellarat - not in person, but from Trash's trip to Australia this year. They went to Bellarat, they met bloggers in Ballarat. Suddenly, the fire was affecting friends of friends.

Clearly, the most useful thing was money - a donation to the Red Cross sorted that. But that seemed to be the only thing that I could do from this side of the globe.

Until Trash sparked me into action with her Big Ask.

Pink and Blue's appeal for bags seemed to be the right thing for me to do last week. The bags will be filled with donated toys for the children affected. So on Friday I made some bags (using this pattern), and on Monday I posted them. I added a little note to them saying where they had been made (because they might be interested) and a link to my blog (because they might be interested) and then I thought if I've told them about my blog, I have to tell my blog about them.

I was in two minds as to whether to make this post or not. All I want to do is to remind you, the reader, that if you thought about it, but haven't done anything yet, there is still time. If you don't want to make a bag (I did, I had the material and the pattern was on the 'net), then Maria is offering to post a collection of Star blocks to one of the other appeals out there.


Shan said...

What a great thing - I hadn't heard about it so thanks for raising awareness.

Dormouse said...

What a great idea. We've donated money but it's always nice to do something more personal.

We've got relatives there and thankfully they are OK and their house is too but friends of theirs have lost everything and people they knew have died.

My Mum's been knitting the cutest teddy bears so I'll tell her too.