Thursday, February 05, 2009

Snowed Under

square of

Gosh! I feel completely overwhelmed by the response to my giveaway: I really was not expecting so many comments. Perhaps I should have spruced the place up a bit more - put out a big pot of coffee and a plate of gingerbread biscuits or something.

Usually I read all comments as soon as they appear, but this time it would take all day. I will read all of them, and visit all your blogs, but it will take me a little while to get round them all.

With the giveaway - it was supposed to be 24 hours, but as I was only expecting about three comments in 24 hours, I was going to leave it until Saturday. So that's what I will do - at some point on Saturday (UK time) I will print off all the comments, and draw for the winners. I'll post either on Saturday or Sunday and email/post a comment on your blog as well if you have won.

Right now I feel like my unused stash is too much, so there will be more giveaways. There won't be another apron (so many people wanted that!), but hopefully someone else you'd all like as much.

Thanks for commenting, and for coming back to read this message.

PS The picture is our garden this morning - four inches of snow.


Selina said...

That is beautiful!

Kelly said...

That photo would make a gorgeous post card. Do you think you could package up some of that snow and send it to the Southern
States of Australia? They've been experiencing a heat wave down there. I'm in Sunny Qld but it has only been regular summer hot up here! This giveaway has been sooooo much fun. Kelly :-)

Relish said...

Hi Penny

It is SO hot here (37C) today - what I wouldn't give for some of that snow.

You have won bundle number 2 from my giveaway so please email me relish(at)live(dot)com(dot)au with your mailing address so I can put the pack in the post.

I look forward to checking out your blog regularly now.

tea and cake said...

Wow - to both the snow piccie and the response to your giveaway! I may have to do something like this myself, as I've just been trying to cram all my stuff into one room, from all around the house!
ps. did you make a snowman?

Shan said...

Jeepers, 92 comments? And I don't think I even saw that the heck did I miss it?

Anyway you have sent me enough already!