Sunday, February 08, 2009

Announcing the Winners

Firstly, thank you to Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey for organizing the International Giveaway. I think all the bloggers who signed up to give things have been astounded by the response.

However, I expect you are waiting to find out the winners - we used the random number generator on DH's iTouch to get the number. The winners were genuinely international.

The winning blogger was from Canada: Dolores, of True Blue Canadian, who won the shoe fabric.

In second place was Bulgaria, with the yarn being won by Domoshar. She has a shop with some lovely patchwork stuff. Do go and explore her website.

In third place is the USA, with the apron going to SummerSadie.

I've sent messages to each winner, so hopefully I'll get their addresses soon and be able to send them their prizes.

Hopefully everyone who took part had fun - having so many giveaways at once is quite different from entering just one at a time.


tea and cake said...

This was international indeed - many congtratulations to the (v lucky) winners! xx

Dolores said...

Hi Penny,

Have you got an email address to which I can send my home address? I can't believe I won the shoe fabric.

Ferret said...

Poop, I didn't hear about this until someone won. Oh well I will have to catch it next time arround. Glad to hear it went well though.