Monday, August 29, 2011

Lost in France

We spent the first two weeks of August staying in a recently converted watermill (with working wheel), overlooking a local beauty spot. It was lovely: but a bit like living in a fishbowl, with large number of locals coming to the beauty spot and looking at the working waterwheel etc. If we'd set up a tea and cakes stall, we could have made a fortune.

Then there was the day I opened the door in my nightie, to see people in a tent on the other side of the river. After quickly slamming the door shut, I realised I might be in my nightie, but they were still in bed…

There was a little bit of going to the beach (cloudless blue skies, and fierce Atlantic ocean), going to chateaux (Tiffauges, and Saumir and Puy de Fuy), good food, meandering through little towns, and some big ones, plenty of good food and wine.

We saw several little embroidery and yarn shops, but they were all closed for lunch/early closing day/while their owners went on holiday.

Instead, my French supermarket scarf:

and my reduced to €5 scarf:
another scarf

Monday, August 08, 2011


A watermill sounds a bit like a certain point in a washing machine's cycle.

Just saying...