Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wednesday Giveaway

Admittedly, this comes into the category of "weird things on a blog giveaway". It's the pattern and fabric, which has been cut out, to make a child's set of pyjamas.

fabric and pattern

It's been a bag for at least 8 years, and I can't remember anything much about why I decided to make them or why I stopped.

The pattern is Butterick 4222, for ages 2 - 6 years old. You can make a nightdress, girl's pyjamas and boy's pyjamas using it.

The fabric is some kind of flannel, possibly viyella. It is almost certainly washable, but I don't know whether I pre-washed it.

I appear to have traced the pattern pieces for the girl's pyjamas onto tissue, so the original pattern is still uncut. On some of the copies, I have written "size 2", which probably means it was for the two year old size. Most of the pieces are currently pinned in place. There are no notions in the bag, and no thread.
cut out pieces
close up of yoke
The giveaway is for the pattern, and all the fabric which was with it, including the pattern pieces and the leftovers. I'll be selecting the winner next Wednesday (probably about lunchtime in the UK), and posting either on Wednesday or Thursday.

To enter, please just leave a comment. I'm curious as to whether you would plan to make them into PJs as per the pattern, or whether you expect want to use it for something else. But you don't have to say.


Shan said...

Heh heh...almost didn't comment because I didn't want to make you send yet ANOTHER package to Canada, but it was just so funny, I had to. I could have an ENORMOUS blog giveaway with all the cut-but-not-sewn projects I have lying around, the most notable of which is this close to being finished, is a beautiful brown wool skirt, and just needs the darts moved in a bit - definitely enough to notice so it can't be worn as is. It's been sitting there, tailor tacks and all, hem already pressed up and overcast and zipper already in, since......

wait for it......


tea and cake said...

Oh my word! These would be perfect for my lolly-dollypop (aka 20 month old grand-daughter.) Yes pleeeaaaase!

Dolores said...

Hi Penny,

It's Dolores here from TrueblueCanadian blog. Have you got an email address I can send my home address to? I can't believe I won the shoe fabric. I have just the quilt in mind.
Thank you.

Beth said...

I would love to win! I would probably make the pjs for my two year old, and if there is still extra fabric scraps, a pair of matching booties!

Lisa said...

Hi Penny,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I would love to enter for this pj pattern and fabric. It would be the perfect size for my little girl. Half of the work is done, how great is that! LOL!