Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today's sewing excitement

Will I have enough thread to finish piecing the back of the quilt? (The bobbin has very little left either.)
nearly empty spool of thread

It's not looking hopeful:
emptier spool of thread
Even though I've got a little green thread on a bobbin from another project:
sewing with green threadAhhhhhh! just not enough
about 15 centimeters not sewn up
Oh well, I can finish it by hand tiny amount of thread on spool

Monday, October 22, 2007

Womanhood - modern v outdated

"We read books to find out who we are." Ursula K LeGuin.

"Life's too short to stuff a mushroom." Shirley Conran 1975

"I think it's important to define my/our domestic activity in the terms of today's world and not always with reference to the past." Jane Brocket 2007

flowers in vase

I could say a lot about the Yarnstorm/Telegraph/Women's Hour controversy. There are any number of strands to the debate: one of which is whether we should be trying to live up to a thirty year old version of womanhood espoused by Shirley Conran in her book "Superwoman".

One of my female role models has a doctorate in computing and a City and Guilds in machine embroidery. That just about sums it up for me.

PS I think I'll get Jane's book.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ally Pally - what I got

We got to Alexander Palace by 9.20am, the second coach in the coach park (I think we were also the last to leave). Palm Court was incredibly busy, but once the doors were opened and they let us in, the halls themselves seemed nearly empty.

The best purchase of the day was this lovely Finnish wool from Stentorp. She had some knitted jumpers: I was very taken with one that had Viking ships and motifs - including runes that spelled the name of her farm. (They are pictured on her website.) I can picture a sweater that starts with the dark brown hem, then has the multicoloured wool, then the lighter brown. The palest one will be at the collar.wool from Finland

The second best purchase was this Noro from the Knit Today stall - 10 balls at a massively reduced price. There is only one ball of the red silk garden, 4 balls of the Kureyon and five of the purply silk garden. They did have five balls of a differnet silk garden and I debated for some time over which to get. Then I remembered the colours of the landscape at Lands End, and how entranced I'd been by the colours of the heather, the grasses and the rocks: the purple silk garden could have been dyed to match.nice noroheathlandcolours of silk garden

Oh, lets scurry through the rest, as if I don't I'll never get this all posted.

A collection of bits and pieces from various places. The purple sock needles were a hit: at least three people got them. They were from Knit n Caboodle, where I also got a tool to find out WPI and the Baby Surprise Jacket Pattern.
knitting stuff

The laceweight and the sock yarn came from KnitWitches. The lace is to make a shawl to go with a purple beaded dress, and matches incredibly well. I'm getting a bit worried though that lace will catch on the beads.

some stuff
yarn forward magazine and other things
I got a very limited amount of fabric, just six pansy fat quarters.
pansy material

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Knitting + Stitching + Alexander Palace = Aching Feet + Empty Purse

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Exam: Over

Exam was yesterday. I wrote for most of the time. I repeated myself lots. I missed out some important information about methods before calculus: that wasn't the question where I repeated myself. My essay on maths in the ancient world kept saying that we had limited sources. My essay on important new developments said why they were important at least twice per development. The bit about square roots of negative numbers veered between i and square roots of other negative numbers. Did I say I repeated myself?

Today, I did nothing. Well not quite, I threaded the sewing machine, and I worked on a cross-stitch kit. The kit was from Traveller's Tales, who are exhibiting at Ally Pally. I didn't go today.

I will do nothing much tomorrow as well. Doing nothing much is slightly more productive then doing nothing. I might actually sew with the sewing machine. I won't go to Ally Pally tomorrow either.

On Saturday, I will go to Ally Pally. I will take my green stripey bag, and I will probably wear a brown jumper with a front made of crochet squares. If you see me, please say hi.

From February 2006 until my exam yesterday, I've had a constant selection of Big Worries. Today is the first day in over 18 months where I have none.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Please say "hi" at Ally Pally?

I'll be going to Ally Pally for the Knitting and Stitching show, on the Saturday and on a weekday (I haven't decided whether to go on Thursday or Friday yet). I'll be bringing the bag in my profile photo: if you see it, please do come and say "hello".

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Today is Saturday. My exam is on Wednesday. I am taking tomorrow off (I learnt the importance of a complete break from studying many years ago). My course has been distilled onto 27 sheets of A4 paper. I now have to make sure that they get into my brain. YIKES!!!

You'll be glad to note those 27 sheets aren't crammed full. For instance one has six words: "Good calculator Kepler Bad Calculator Leibniz". I think I know that one, and it is probably fairly irrelevant. Achemedes was another person who was good at calulations, phew now I have my three examples from different time periods.

I am trying to think of times when books weren't important in the development of maths. There is logarithms (although that is printed tables) and also the contest between Tartaglia and Fior, where Tartaglia developed a new method of solving cubics, and won 30 dinners from Fior. There is more to that story, and it leads into the publication of Ars Magna by Cardano. That's an important book, as is Newton's Principia, Euclid's Elements and Apollonius' Conics. Also the textbooks by Lacroix and Lagrange.

My favourite important book is "The Castle of Knowledge" by Robert Record, who wrote a series which also includes "the Grounde of Artes" and the "Pathway to Knowledge". They sound like they ought to be a fantasy series: which is kind of funny, because Record seems to have been a very straight forward kind-of guy, unlike his near contemporary Dr John Dee.

Of course, these are the things I know: now back to the sheets to learn the things I don't know.