Sunday, July 18, 2010

Craft a bit further in July

Your wishes on my last post seems to have done it. I'm back crafting. Not a lot, enough to get over the "done nothing" hump.

I've done a bit of knitting on Summit, but not quite enough to finish the first ball.

I've done a bit of needlework on Pax Vobiscum, but lets face it, this one will take a very long time.

I've even done a bit of the handquilting on my leaf quilt.

School holidays in three days.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Craft mid way through July.

July stitches knitted: 0
July stitches sewed: 22

So far a fairly pathetic month in the craft front. No especial reason, except I've got out of the habit.

I'm about to go onto my second ball of yarn on the Summit shawl, and the variation is much greater then on the first ball. What do I do? Do I take lots of photographs and blog it in excrutiating detail, or do I just get on and knit?