Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week-end Roundup

As this is nominally a craft blog, I thought I'd better post some vaguely craft like things which I've done recently.

First is a pair of gloves made using Schoeller & Stahl Socka in colour Hummingbird. Both the yarn and the pattern came from Web of Wool and were bought at the Knitting and Stitching show. I thought I'd got them in 2007, but they weren't pictured in my blog. I know it wasn't 2008, because they were already in progress then (lets not say when they were started, other then "before October 2008").
gloves on snow
Anyway, Web of Wool still sells the yarn, and I still think it is great: it is made of three strands of yarn which have been dyed with the same set of colours, and plied together. some of teh time, the plys match and you get it single colour, but other times you get this glorious multicoloured effect. It happened that one palm would have been single coloured, but that made the two gloves look too different. So I phaffed around, and knitted the thumb in that colour. I also tried to make the fingers semi-matching. I love the way they have turned out, and I've been wearing them for the last two weeks.

Also last week, I had one of those days when needles seem to thread themselves. So I threaded several at once, for use in my leaf quilt. I've since now used those threaded needles.
square of
The other thing I did on Friday was to make some bags for the Rainbow Comfort Bags appeal, for children affected by the bushfires in Australia. Obviously money is what they need most (you can donate to the Red Cross in the UK), but this seemed like another, more personal thing to do for them. I'm not going to post pictures yet, as the little package hasn't yet been posted (the PO was shut when I got to it yesterday). There are lots of ways in which individuals can help with the appeal - Trash probably has as good a selection of links as I could have found. Oh and she also has a raffle.


Kitty said...

I LOVE those gloves - so gorgeous! And what a good idea to thread lots of needles at once - I hadn't thought of doing that. x

Roobeedoo said...

Great gloves! They look sort of cheeky with different-coloured fingers, don't they?!

scarletti said...

Gorgeous yarn, great gloves! Thanks for all the links too.