Friday, November 23, 2007

Kiddo's Knucks

I've lost track of who it was, but the blog of one of my commenters said they liked to see works in progress as well as finished objects. So from a few days ago:
barely there glove

If it looks like a lot of DPNs, there are indeed 8. But I wasn't doing the pattern quite as stated: first time round, the fingers were too small, so I undid the whole lot and used the old thumb as the first finger, and continued from there. But I didn't knit a new thumb at the time. Instead when I got to the right place for the thumb, I knitted up from the bottom of the thumb.

This photo was taken on Tuesday (I think), and I have now got to the bottom of the ribbing. I think it is long enough, but that will have to wait until morning, when Kiddo gets up.

FWIW, I started two Sundays ago. Hopefully the other one will get done faster. Then it is time for me to knit a pair for Kiddo's Sibling.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Three and a half...

pile of fabricI won a giveaway on Kate's blog for small rectangles of fabric. They arrived today - all three and half inches of them. Yes, the pieces are 3.5 x 2 inches, but the pile (I measured) was also 3.5 inches high.

I haven't looked through all of them, but I do like this one:planet on fabric

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Draw

A quick post to say that we've had the draw for the pink banana yarn promised last week. The lucky winner is Shan from Half Soled Boots.

bright pink banana fibre

Running giveaways is hard: I wanted to be able to give something to everyone. But I've only one hank.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Edited: Why I blog less then I think about blogging.

This evening it snowed! Just a teensy bit which didn't settle, but it was snow none the less.

Yesterday, I went to Patchwork Corner, the shop which Ferret blogged about recently. I also bought some flowered shoes (not from Patchwork Corner). All pre-teens questioned said they were a bit childish, but I think they have a bit of Boden style. I'm not convinced that the make isn't a bit old ladyish, but these particular ones were nice.

I'm on the verge of making this comment on Too Much Wool. Of course the last sentence is only true sometimes, but I thought the whole thing was worth posting here too, as it does summarise my feelings.

Sometimes the blogging bit is hard, because you have to find the camera, and clear a bit of space, and take the photo(s) and upload the photos to your computer, and crop the photos, and resize the photos, and upload the photos to the internet, and write the blog post, and check the links, including the photo, and edit the post and then finally publish it. And after all that, NO-ONE COMMENTS ON IT.

(Edited; (if I've got the tags right) I've crossed out that last sentence on the comment, because really its the rest of the pfaffing around that puts me off posting. If it was important to me, I'd have a sitemeter to check whether anyone is reading, but instead I rely on comments. It sounded a bit whingy.)

Anyway, I always read all my comments, even if I don't always reply to them, or comment on your blog. Thank you for all the comments on the "two years" post.

OTOH, it is probably also worth saying I've just recently changed computer, and deliberately didn't move all my bookmarks over. So if you notice that I've suddenly stopped going to your blog, that's why. But I'm willing to start again.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two Years!

It is two years since I started this blog. I think it is time to do a giveaway:
bright pink banana fibre
Bright pink 100% banana fibre from HipKnits. There is 160g there, about 160m. It's supposed to be similar to recycled sari silk yarn. Leave a comment, and this time next week, I'll draw one of them at random.

Just like last year, I can't really say blogging has changed my life. But my life has changed since I started. The fundamentals are still there - same husband, same children, same house. But I still don't know how to write about this. Also, tomorrow I go and see someone at a World-Famous University to discuss this.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Knucks again

It would appear that Kiddo's Knuck is too small and have to be frogged. I'd done all the fingers on one hand, and partway down the hand itself, but although the fingers had been tried on several times, they were too small when knitted together. The thumb can be saved and used as a finger, but that's it.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Memo to self

Which is the plural of memo, memos or memoes?

Don't use dark purple waste yarn to hold dark purple stitches when knitting.

I'm knitting a second pair of Knucks (I never blogged about the first) for Kiddo, because she has taken over the Knucks I knitted for myself. I'm using two balls I got in Ghent, where I went before I got a blog. One ball is a multicoloured Regia 6-fadig sock wool in shades of pink/purple. The other is plain dark purple, the make called Annell: you can buy it here (if you speak the right European language, which might be Dutch).

Giveaway - ticket for Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show

I've got one ticket for the Knitting and Stitching show at Harrogate on 22nd - 25th November. I bought it to go Ally Pally, but instead only went with my S'n'B group. It is valid for the Harrogate show, details as on their web-site. I've filled in my details on the ticket, but you can either rewrite them, or just masquerade as me.

FWIW, to pay on the door costs £12, advance tickets are £10. Group tickets are £8.50.

This is a first come first served offer, but if I can't contact them in a timely manner (hint leave a way of getting in touch :-) ), it will be offered to the next person. If you can't use it, feel free to mention it on your blog: I don't want it to go to waste.

I'm also planning a giveaway to celebrate my two year blogoversery on Wednesday.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Saturday's Celebrations - Bonfire Night

Bonfire on the Green, with flames as high as the trees.

Fireworks, showering coloured light high in the sky.

For supper, hotdog, with onions, eaten in the dark.

Candy floss on a stick, a sweet and sticky treat.

Alas, at home, no broadband connection for over 80 hours.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Escape Goat

Life is pretty exciting here, with plans of a non-crafty nature coming together.

Instead of craft news then, some photos which I took in the summer, at a local goats centre.

We start with the escaped goat:goat

Stopping for a munch:goat eating
Alas: back behind bars
goat behind bars