Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Not what I thought!

I went fabric shopping today, to my nearest quilt shop, to buy fabric for the course I am doing next week at a different quilt shop.

I bought fabric, I came home, I studied the neat pile of fabric, admiring the colour combinations. I started to experiment so I could show you lot what I bought.

And then I unfolded one of the pieces and discovered all was not what I thought.

One edge of the material is much darker then the other:

Checking online, it's supposed to do this.

Just to be really frustrating, I left the magazine I bought at Kiddo's guitar teacher's house.

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Dormouse said...

That's a cool effect if you're expecting it but they should have folded it in such a way that you could see what you were getting. I bought some pretty flowered fabric the other day that turned out to have tea-cup panels on the folded inside part so I got less than a third of it useable. It would have cost more in petrol than it was worth to return it but I was pretty annoyed.

What course are you taking? (I'm so nosey!)