Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pay it Forward Meme

There has been a meme going around the blogoshpere where the blogger offers up five pieces of art to anyone who wants them, and in return each person receiving one offers up five pieces on their blog. Yesterday Kate and Ferret both offered, and I asked for them, so now it is my turn to offer.

There is a slight hitch in that I haven't got anything made and anyway I don't actually have a recognisable style. I wouldn't call what I do "art", more craft, and if the term art is to have a meaning, then I'm sticking in the craft camp. Not out of any kind of false modesty, more that I'm not even trying to push the boundaries in a way an artist should do.

I haven't decided exactly what to do: I think quite probably either something knit related, or embroidary. I quite fancy the idea of doing some embroidered handkerchiefs, but I've also made up a pattern for knitted flowers, which I can claim as entirely my own.

If I do do embroidered handkerchefs they will be non-twee, not the kind of thing you'd give to your Gran. Or at least, not the kind of thing you'd give to my Gran.

1 comment:

Ferret said...

Oh tosh, you make stuff. I've seen it here. I am sure you have things that people will like. Don't forget you just have to make it, no one specified a technique. So that opens up knitting, weaving anything else that takes your fancy.

Don't worry about not having anything made yet. Neither do I , but I am starting to have some ideas :)