Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hats and Knitting Needles

The cascade had been wound into a ball for one reason only: to make a hat.
The pattern had been choosen and bought - the Funky Flapper Hat
from Ruth Wooly Wormhead. The only thing missing were the appropriate size DPNs - I needed 5mm ones. The Cascade suggested US size 7 or size 8.

The two 'convenient' shops (given that one was in Sussex and the other Buckinghamshire) had only got circulars. Circulars are no good when you are fiddling with 9 or 12 stitches.

A vaguely local, well stocked YS is Needle and Thread in Leighton Buzzard. I rang up on Monday, and asked whether they had any. Yes, they did have DPNs in the right size, yes they were DPNs, not circulars, yes I would be going there this morning. So I went, and I got two sets, 5mm (US size 8) Brittany birches, and some 4.5mm Addis.

(Frustratingly, while I was in the shop, someone else came in and asked if they had any special offer wool. "Not today, but the sale starts tomorrow for a week". OTOH, although they have lots of nice wools - Noro and Debbie Bliss and cobweb and artesano alpaca - I don't need any more right now.)

To make it really worth while going, I decided I'd better actually cast on on Monday evening. To begin with, I didn't read the instructions properly, and what I thought I was supposed to do simply didn't work. I pulled it all off the needles, and the resulting creation looked so sweet I photographed it for your viewing pleasure. Then I frogged it. And then I started again, and got further.

In other news, I didn't get to S'n'B yesterday. Again. And we had a four hour power cut today.

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Dormouse said...

It looks so cute, all you'd have to do is add some googly eyes!!!