Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Third Finish in Three weeks

On the Angel Yarns board, someone was asking for patterns of birds. I had one in an early issue of Simply Knitting (issue 5, August 2005) so I offered to send it to her.

At that point, the possibility loomed that one day I might be struck by the urge to knit a bird. I haven't such an urge ever before, I could vaguely remember thinking that knitted birds seemed a bit pointless. But what of the future??

Copying the pattern would just add to the paper piles around here (and is illegal anyway, if you are am not keeping the original pattern). The best way seemed to be to actually knit a bird.

So here is Dicky:
knitted bird on wall
bird in the bush
Pattern: Simply Knitting August 2005, issue 5
Time: Jan 20 - Jan 21 2007
Yarn: body - sirdar country style, wings - possibly sirdar tweed
beak - rowan handknit cotton, eyes - sirdar cotton
Needles: 4mm

I also knitted the swatch for the lace cardigan I am planning to make next. The hat is still in progress too.

This level of finishes will soon slow down: I'm starting an Open University course very soon, and that will take up serious amounts of time. For those interested, it's MA290, topics in the History of Mathematics.

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Shan said...

I like the bird. You know what would be pretty? Fingering weight yarn and tiny needles, for tree ornaments.

Now I have to get that book!