Friday, January 12, 2007

Lichen Sweater Reviewed

My second finish of 2007, but really it was OTN for the entirety of 2006.
knitted sweater
It’s called Lichen, because that is the colour of the Sirdar Country Style I used. Kiddo had felt left out, because the other Kiddo's had been knitted various items including ponchos, scarves and jackets, and now it was his turn.

It is a classic v-neck style with the only modern touch being the hem. Apart from that it wouldn't look out of place in any decade since the 1950s.

I used Style Your Own Kids' Knits, by Kate Buller to design it - the only pattern I could find for this style of garment, for this age of child. The book is a useful reference, giving basic patterns for jumpers for children aged between birth and 10 years old. Each age group has a basic design, showing how to vary the neckline and front, to make jackets, v-neck and round-neck sweaters. You can change them further, using the suggestions on edgings and motifs. The one quibble is that every design uses the same Rowan cotton, and it gives next to no advice on how to substitute a yarn with a different tension. Overall, though, an excellent book, well worth getting (it did help I bought an unused copy from a charity shop).

Pattern: designed using Style Your Own Kids' Knits, by Kate Buller
Yarn: Sirdar Country Style 50g balls, wool/acrylic mix
Colour: Lichen (shade 516)
Needle size: 4mm and 3.25mm for ribbing
Quantity: 4 whole and 3 part balls - six balls would have been ample
Stashbusting[1]: 1
Yarn seller:
Dianne's Knitting Yarns
Cost: £8.95 for 10 balls
Time taken: Nov 2005 - Jan 2006

It would have been faster, but I had to redo the neckline three times. First time it was too small, so I had to increase the length of the jumper. Second time, the "v" was awful, so I frogged it, and worked on other things for a month or two (this is why I always make big clothes for kids). Third time, it worked.

When I handed it to him, Kiddo said "ooh" in a pleased tone reminiscent of the Librarian. He immediately put it on, and has been wearing it ever since. OK, all afternoon.

The photo was taken outside, just as it started to rain.

[1] For stash busting purposes, only yarn used since Oct 2006 (the Ally Pally trip) counts towards stash-busting. I am currently at thirty balls in, six balls out.

PS I have more then one child, but I call them all Kiddo here, to preserve their privacy and confuse anyone trying to do a websearch on them.

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Dormouse said...

I really like that, the colour is great.

I call my 2 'eldest' and 'youngest' for the same reason. :)