Friday, February 02, 2007

Four things

fabric postcard in pinksfranked blue stamp on fabric postcardOne - I got my fabric postcard from Kate on Wednesday. Isn't it pretty! There are several techniques on it: patchwork, stamping, couching (hope that's the right term). The picture doesn't do it justice.

When I first heard about fabric postcards, I thought they were postcard sized bits of fabric art which went in an envelope before being posted. They aren't. They are postcard sized bits of fabric art, with some kind of stiffening in the centre which go directly in the post. Look - a franked stamp on the address side.

blurry pile of fabricTwo - you might like to see the material I bought. I took numerous pictures and not one shows the variation in colours. The instructions ask for two colours of material plus a zinger: my colours were a red which varies from pinky-red to maroon, and a browny-goldy orange. In every photo either the orange looks red or one of the reds looks orange. This one - blurry and out of focus though it is - gets the contrast less worse then the others. (The zinger is lime green). I do like my choices, although when I was choosing I kept picking toning colours. Maybe I need to practise choosing colours with a whole load more contrast.

The course is being taught by Ferret.

Three - SnB was on Wednesday: an enjoyable evening of knitting and chat. Unfortunately I think I've lost my knitting mojo. I've done so much knitting over the last couple of months (and almost no other crafting) that I probably need a break. The next on my list was fingerless gloves for me, which I do really need.

Four - my fourth finish of the year, a hat for DH. More details later.hat on balloon

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katelnorth said...

Yes, there is couching on it (when you sew down thicker threads or yarns or whatever with other thread); there is also foiling using bondaweb (the small shiny hearts) and angelina (the large heart on top). I was going to say, there's no stamping on it, but I guess there is on the back - the word "postcard" is stamped. Happy Valentine's Day!