Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Where's my guide!

Months ago - about July - I ordered tickets for the Knitting and Stitching Show(s), which are held at the NEC, Alexander Palace, Harrogate and Dublin. (A ticket doesn't specify which venue, you can use them at any one.) The one at the NEC is this weekend, starting on Thursday, and I plan to go there on Friday, and to Alexandra Palace in October.

I also ordered the Guide to the show. If you buy it in advance, you have to pay postage, but it also allows you to work out your "must-sees" from your "would be nices", and hence avoid lots of pointless milling round. In addition it would enable me to work out which stallholders I'd only see at the NEC: I would want to concentrate more time/spending on them.

Well, it hasn't turned up! I rang up on Monday morning, and was told they had been sent out at the end of last week. The post hadn't arrived at that point, so I was willing to wait. But it didn't come with yesterday's post, or today's.

I rang again today: '!Saul' told me I could get a claim form when I was there: but that is just a load of unnecessary pfaffing, and totally negates the reason for ordering it in advance.

Instead I am trying various web searches to see if I can find anyone who might be going, and basically spending a long time hurridly turning it into a spreadsheet of things to see.

PS It was looking at loads of the blog entries after I had been to Alexandra Palace on my own that got me into blogging, and hence to this blog.)

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