Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Popular Patchwork out on Friday

I got into town earlier, and found a huge pile of Popular Patchwork magazines: unfortunately they are from the last issue. The new issue is officially due out on Friday 22nd.

The wallhanging arrived home today: along with a very nice letter. I think it said there were 130 entries, or there abouts. Also enclosed was a photo of the booth. I hadn't got one, so it is nice to have. Even though my little hanging was in an obscure spot (practically on the floor, with a socket on one side and a table on the other), it was still in full view on the photo. The other thing in the parcel was a quilt label.

A special thank you to Ferret. Ages ago, she said that it didn't matter how much experience anyone had, one should still enter competitions. Without that encouragement, I would have had the ideas, but I just wouldn't have entered. So what if I didn't win? I enjoyed making it.


Ferret said...

thanks Penny. I'm glad it wored so well. I like the fact they sent you a picture with the quilt. A really nice touch. I will have to go looking for the magazine tomorrow then.

caroline said...

I went looking today but could only find the wrong one - I'll try again at the weekend.

It was meeting you and Ferret at the NEC that has made me seriously think about entering a quilt in the future.