Monday, September 18, 2006

In print!

I have just had a message to say my quilt is in Popular Patchwork magazine! Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.

(Can you tell, I'm excited!)

I don't know when it comes out, or whether it is out yet, but I'm really chuffed about it.


Ferret said...

My copy came in the post today, as I am a subscriber. I guess it will be in the shops soon if not now. I'll let you know if Al finds a copy.

Glad you're chuffed, you should be.

Ferret said...

I am so pleased it worked out this well.

Hope you will feel inspired to try some more competitions.

littlelixie said...

Need your address to post the zine to! email it to me at littlelixie dot hotmail dot com

caroline said...

Congratulations! I am off to see if I can trackdown a copy.

Dormouse said...

I just saw this on Ferret's site.

Congratulations, I'll go and try to get a copy tomorrow.