Friday, September 22, 2006

Popular Patchwork - now out

wet pavingYesterday was warm with a strong breeze, ideal for cleaning anything from laundry to carpets. Today, it was tipping down. Guess which day I'd arranged to get the carpets cleaned?

After the carpet cleaner had gone, I ventured out to look for Popular Patchwork. I had an errand in a different town to normal, and an unfamiliar WH Smith. This one had:

  • six cardmaking magazines
  • three general papercraft magazines
  • eight cross-stitch magazines
  • one general embroidery magazine
  • a rack of puzzle magazines
  • zero patchwork magazines
Luckily it wasn't the only newsagent in town: the other one did have Popular Patchwork. I have glanced through it. My Charmed quilt is on page 13 - the first page of quilts - and Ferret is mentioned on pages 45-47. There are some interesting looking wallhangings. I liked "Wish you were here", which is a beach scene, but I can imagine it with a stormy sea instead. Also the article on "Landscapes in Contempory Quilts" looks good.

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Dormouse said...

I finally got hold of a copy on Friday but then left it in the car and Phill took it all the way to London with him. :(

He brought it back yesterday and I got a chance to have a proper read. It's a nice picture of your quilt. I was amazed how many people's entries didn't seem to have any connection to 'Charmed I'm sure'. I think everyone who actually used the theme deserved special mention.

Good write up for Ferret too and the pictures of her nudes were lovely.