Thursday, August 31, 2006

an iconI just found out about this from Caroline's blog and thought it looked interesting.

My blogs of note are:

  1. 43 Folders, a blog about putting "Getting Things Done" into practise, and the first blog I followed. I don't keep up with it these days, but it is a good read, and has lots of "add-ons", like a message board for fellow GTDers.

  2. The Girl from Auntie, a lawyer who also designed Rogue, the sweater pattern popular amongst knitters - although I like Eris more. Not updated often, but she covers copyright and similar issues on her blog.

  3. Hugo Schwyzer, a male lecturer on gender studies, who writes about feminism from a Christian perspective.

  4. Scrappy Happy Quilts by Starfishy. A blog about quilting.

  5. Whipup net, which is basically links to different craft ideas and blogs.

I picked these because I do read them all sometimes. Hopefully there is a good range of blogs there, so you can find something just a little different from your normal reading. None of them are obscure - had I got a bit more time, I'd have picked some other blogs, the ones that have fewer comments.


caroline said...

Thank you - I enjoyed checking out those blogs. I hadn't come across any of them apart from Whip Up. Some lovely quilts on the starfishy blog.

mazzam said...

Hi, a return visit from Mazzam. Yes the yarn is Marble. What did you make with it? The colours I have are lovely and soft.