Friday, August 18, 2006

Festival of Quilts

I've just got back from the Festival of Quilts, about ten minutes ago.

We had a three person bloggers meet - me, Ferret and Caroline. We chatted lots, looked at some quilts and generally had a good time.

I only took my mobile phone camera with me, which was a mistake. I never use it normally, so I hadn't realised quite how bad the pictures are. OTOH, it forced me to look closely at the quilts, because I couldn't rely on photos. I'll see what they are like, and put the best ones up later. I sketched out some ideas as well.

Really, there was more to see then you have time to see in one day, and even if you did look at all of them, the number is too many to absorb. You just have to focus on a few, and accept that you will miss some.

I came home having seen two I really like, enough to ask about patterns. One uses some of the aboriginal style fabric I bought a while ago (did I blog it? I remember typing about it) and will be featured in "Magic Patchwork" No 33, whilch will be out in early October. The other was a landscape displayed on the Lady Sew and Sew stand (at about G6), which was just stunning, but they didn't have a pattern.

I did spend a little money, but all my purchases fit easily into my stripy bag, so I can't have been too extravagent.

Pizza has arrived, time to stop.

PS Ferret is listed at the back of the program, after "Z".


caroline said...

It was fantastic to meet you and Ferret today. I have been talking non-stop about all I saw today to anyone who would listen. I am now seriously thinking of entering a quilt next year.

Penny said...

It was really good, wasn't it! There was just so much to see.

Ferret said...

I really hope you do Caroline, it is a great show, they really looked after my quilts well.