Saturday, August 19, 2006

Festival of Quilts (ii)

full green stripey bagLast year, after the Knitting and Stitching show at Ally Pally last year, I decided to start a blog. I'd been to the show and wanted to talk about it, but no-one I knew was really interested in what I'd seen. A general google search found loads of blogs talking about it and I thought "wow, I want to join in here!"

I stuck to my shopping list (and my budget!) reasonably well. I could have bought whole loads more, but like my last post says, I have enough right now.

rain cloud fabricThis one was entirely appropriate: torrential rain started just after 4pm, and drummed on the roof, making lots of people mutter to themselves, well I'll just have to stay a little bit longer. There was an enormous clap of thunder overhead at 4.30, which made everyone jump.


- quantities are in Fat Quarters.

  1. Pansies: 0. Only one stall seemed to have any, and I've got some from that range in my stash already.
  2. pile of material
  3. Landscape Pictures: 19. Hmmm, I think I have enough to make a choice of pictures now. Most of it was bought in the last half hour: Lady Sew and Sew (about G7) were doing a special deal of 5 FQs for £1 off, so obviously I had to get some.

  4. starry fabric
  5. Astronomical material: 2. I got one FQ similar to the Robert Kaufman Stargazers range: the only other suitable material I saw was the metallic range. OTOH, I didn't look at any hand dyed fabric.

  6. Six inch charm squares that cost less then 20p each: 0. I saw no 6" charm squares at any price, although there were lots of 5" charm squares. My project could use 5" squares but that would restrict my options later.

  7. Anything else I really, really like: 11, splits into:
    1. 3 Christmas related,
    2. 4 for aboriginal quilt. The Magic Patch quilt I saw had more variety then I think I have, so I got several similar fabrics to ensure a good colour match.
    3. 1 fairy (to make up the buy 5 offer at LS&S),
    4. 2 Nearly Landscape Pictures
    5. 1 tubes of paint

xmas materiallight brown materialfairy materialmore material

Other Shopping:

  1. Kits from Village Fabrics, to make a folding bag and a needle case

  2. Box for bobbin cases

  3. 9mm knitting needles: an unusual size

  4. Ball ended 30cm zip from EuroJapanLinks

  5. Pattern for a picture of fields

  6. Pieceful Scenes book by Angela Madden

  7. The Quilter's Apprentice by Jennifer Chiaverini. I've started reading this: it stands as a well-written novel in its own right, as well as having good descriptions of quilts and quilting.

  8. Catalog of the quilts on show at the Irish Patchwork Society stand

  9. Coffee, coke and sandwiches

I wrote the original list from memory: and only the 3FQ marked in magenta, and the exact numbers of landscape FQ were missed off it. That marks me as Sensible Show Shopper of this Blog! In addition it all fits into my stripy bag (apart from the coffee :-) ), so I'm also marked as Reasonably Restrained Shopper of the Blog!

PS Sorry about the formatting: it has taken forever just to get it to this state. no wonder I don't normally bother with pictures!


Rosalind said...

Really enjoyed reading about your trip to FOQ. I entered the Charmed I'm Sure comp. too. I bet they made quite a display! Would have loved to have been there!

Penny said...

Thanks for commenting - this was my first time at the show, and I feel like I saw hardly any of it.

Poshyarns said...

Just discovered your blog and enjoyed reading about your experience of the Festival. I went for the first time this year and really enjoyed it but I don't think I was as restrained as you....

Ferret said...

You always feel like that. I was there the whole time and still didn't see everything, let alone take it all in.