Monday, August 14, 2006

Home again

I haven't posted, for the very simple reason I haven't had access to a computer: we've been on holiday to Ireland. Of course, in Ireland, there are computers, it was just that I didn't use one myself.

Two things stood out for me:- firstly the undertaking lanes on roads. Where the road was wide enough (and on most N roads it was), slower cars and lorries would move to the side so you could overtake.

The second thing was that "family tickets" covered two adults and four children. Most places I go in the UK, a family ticket is for two adults and only two chioldren.

Lastly, I didn't go into any fabric shops, but I did come home with some new yarn and wool. I gathered a small quantity of fleece on our walk in the hills overlooking Bantry Bay. Then in the town below, I bought some Tivoli Space in shades of red and pattern 2920. I also bought some aran tweed, a pure wool made by Kilcarra of Donegal. I got a mix of green and light grey. It was an old-fashioned wool shop, of the type where the shop-keeper expects you to know what you are planning to knit - a child's sweater, a woman's jacket - and then buy the pattern and yarn needed. New style yarn shops are laid out in the expectation that you will choose the yarn first, and then decide what you will make with it.

PS Pluto isn't about to be kicked out of the solar system, even if it is no longer catagorised as a planet.

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