Saturday, July 15, 2006

The tolerance of a quilt

The dimensions of my "Charmed I'm Sure" are wrong. It is bothering me.

The competition rules say that the wallhangings are supposed to be 15 inches square. My wallhanging isn't.

My wallhanging is 15 1/4 inches by 14 3/4 inches. A whole 5mm out on both sides. Hugely wrong. At least that's how I feel about it.

I don't think it will be disqualified. It's not really far out - less then 2 percent.

It is completely hand sewn, and I've managed to get two small cuts that are making it very painful.

One is a paper cut - from cardboard - on the top of my left index finger. I seem to rely on the merest hint of a prick there to know when my needle is through the material, but this cut means that even the tiniest brush of a needle tip hurts.

The other is a scratch from a rose thorn on the base of my right index finger. Every pin on the wallhanging seems to scratch that exact spot when I sew.

1 comment:

Ferret said...

You sound just like me. Those huge errors that no one will ever notice. Seriously they won't. I've done it myself and stressed about it. Over time you do forget honest. Well done on getting it made though, given you have wavered at times I think you have earned a pat on the back. Just don't cut yourself while patting your back, OK?