Thursday, July 20, 2006

Charmed Quilt progress

Don't get me wrong, I haven't actually finished my Charmed quilt. At the time of posting, I hadn't even quilted it. I'd just done all the applique.

On Monday, I added some metallic threads to link the dragon and the wizard. Without them, the "back story" was hidden and it was just a collage of pictures. The daughter-creature knows what the metallic threads are: they are the lines of the spells the wizard is using. Will anyone else? Most specifically will anyone gets to decide whether the quilt wins a prize, or even gets hung up.

The metallic thread was made by wrapping metallic ribbon round a core of fine threads. This construction meant it frays easily: the metallic ribbon unrwaps, and then the core threads spray out. You can thread a needle with it when you have just cut it, but within a few minutes it seems too frayed to thread. In addition it frays while you sew. Not just at the end, but in the eye of the needle and if it twists.
knotted metallic threads
That's the back: can you see what a mess the metallic thread is? I didn't finish it neatly, but just knotted it together. The dark lines are the thread's shadow: this picture was taken in full sunlight.

I love the background fabric: it makes me think of NASA photographs, with interstellar clouds and nebulae.

detail of spell lines
If you want to see some more nebulae, there are pictures here, here here here and the Horsehead nubula here and in unusual colours here. Enjoy!

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Ferret said...

yes metalic threads can be a mare. They are not all created equal. If you think you wan to do much with metalics I can dig out my notes on which ones behave better. I have some that play nicely even on the longarm machine.

I got very distracted by your links, I just wish I could think of a way to make quilts of them that really show the beauty of space.