Monday, July 10, 2006

Quilt by numbers

I took scissor to fabric today, and made a start on "Charmed I'm sure".

As quilts go, it is in the "colour by numbers" end of quilting. I take a piece of fabric with pictures printed on it. I cut the pictures out. I affix them to fabric with sky or other pictures on it.

That's it.

I don't create the pictures, just rearrange existing ones. I have (so far) restricted myself to material I already have. I need to buy wadding for the quilt sandwich. I want to get something that will make the dragon stand out (remember, the dragon has been drawn, I'm merely fixing it to the background), perhaps extra wadding.

I may buy some material for the binding. I may buy some material for the backing.

I have material that I could use for both of those, but I have this intellectual discord that says "its too nice and I might need it for something else". Then again, I could have said that about the dragon material. In fact, I did say that about the dragon material until I told myself to get over it.

I may or may not enter it in the competition. I'm just seeing how it goes.

In other news, knitty is out.

PS I'm glad y'all like my quilt.

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