Monday, July 24, 2006

Just about finished

Firstly, you have about 12 hours to give some advice. My original plan was to embroider "The dragon is charmed, I'm sure the boy is safe" alond the side of the wallhanging. I've decided not to. If you think it needs the title, I need to know before I post it tomorrow morning.
Charmed I'm Sure wallhanging

This was taken earlier today: since then, I've quilted two tiny, almost invisible, stars into the background, and taken out the safety pin. I'm currently sewing on the label.

At this point in making a wallhanging, you don't want the following scenario to happen:

The seamstress puts the wallhanging down on the settee.

Enter small child, holding a tissue. Child sits on settee, next to wallhanging.

Child: Mummy, I've got a nosebleed.

The quilt was unmarked. Oh, and the child is all right too.

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