Monday, March 23, 2009

Surprise Conservatory

You didn't know we were going to be building a conservatory last week? Well, nor did we. I mean we'd ummed and arred about getting one and finally decided to sign on the dotted line. Maybe we would have somewhere to sit by the summer holidays.

On Wednesday the builder and the conservatory salesman came round to sort out the final details. At least, that's what I thought they were going to do. And then they said "we could start tomorrow if you want". "Oh" I said. "OK then".

Hence Thursday and Friday last week involved skips, and pickaxes, and wheelbarrels of rubble, and cups of tea, and paving stones. Today involved the pouring of cement, the arrival of bricks, and many more cups of tea.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

How exciting!!!! I'm very envious!

Lucy x

tea and cake said...

Ooh, er! It is very exciting, isn't it?!

Penny said...

Very exciting! They've started the walls now.

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