Sunday, March 29, 2009

Waistcoat worries

Do you remember this? That's the waistcoat I'm knitting from a charity shop kit. It's been my watching TV knitting, and has been chugging along nicely. I've made some changes: for instance there is more ribbing at the bottom, and the body is a bit longer. square of

I'd long been aware there probably won't be enough of the main colour to do the pattern as shown.

So I'd been hopping around a bit: the back up to the top stripes, then each of the fronts to the top stripes. Above the stripes, I'd planned to continue with the very pale colour to the shoulders.

On my second front, with two rows to go to the start of the stripe pattern, I had this much main colour left:
square of

And then I looked lower down, matching the stripes earlier in the pattern:
square of

And I looked higher up:
square of

There was a definite difference in length! Only two rows, but when each row is about 0.6 cm, two rows difference is a lot.

So I frogged - lots - and knitted it again, and forgot to take any photos. I just had enough of the main colour to finish that side, with about 30cm to spare. All is well with the world.


tea and cake said...

Phew! I was worried where this was going to end!

Penny said...

Hi Karen, yes I was a bit worried too! I do have a bit more of the main colour, but I'm saving that for the collar and arm-holes.