Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mothering Sunday

Some people get flowers for Mothering Sunday.

tree blossom

I get holes in the ground:

building site hole
garden hole

(One hole is the footings for a conservatory, the other is now a pond.)


tea and cake said...

Hi Penny, I received the fabric and pattern in the post yesterday - many thanks. I shall post piccies as soon as I've made the pj's. Karen x

Kitty said...

But were you pleased with the holes?! x

Dormouse said...

Holes in the ground when it's for a pond and a conservatory is a Good Thing TM.

I got the huge apple tree pruned for my Mother's Day present. It is now a very small and sad apple tree as they got a little saw happy. :)

Shan said...

"Footing for a conservatory", you lucky mother.

Penny said...

They were very nice holes, and have now both been filled in - one with water, the other with cement.