Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moving to new blogger?

This might be the last time I post with my old blogger account: blogger tells me I have to move. So if it all goes disasterously wrong, and the whole thing vanishes, you'll know why. If need be, check my website http://www.penspot.co.uk. At the moment, all you get is a link back here, but if here vanishes, or stops being updated, it'll link to any replacement blog.

I've been busy with my OU course. I got my first assignment back yesterday, and I get full marks. I'm rather pleased about this, as you imagine. I'm enjoying the course tremendously: its History of Maths.

Knit wise, I seem to be frogging as much as I'm knitting. I started Florence from Rowan 35 (as opposed to Florence from another Rowan publication) and frogged it because it looked like it was definately going to be too small. I'm knitting a Knuck from Knitty, and have had to partially frog it three times. At this rate, it won't be ready until the summer, which is no good for keeping my hands warm now.

Sewing wise, I have done teensy bits, consisting mainly of winding bobbins. It's worth saying that I got Popular Patchwork with Ferret's quilt in it. She has managed to create a very effective design that really shows off the fabric. In one of those ironies of life, its the fabric I commented on here.

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