Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hat Details

hat on balloon

Pattern: Funky Flapper, from Ruth
Yarn: cascade 220, present from Caitlyn
Needles: 5mm Brittany Birch DPN
Crotchet Hook: 5mm
Duration: 15/01/07 - 28/01/07

DH wanted a hat. DH now has a hat.

I think I should have used the next size down of needles, as the fabric came out a bit floppy. DH says he will wear it anyway.

I liked the wool: it was my first experience of Cascade 220, and it knitted nicely. It didn't split, even though it seems to be two colours plied together, didn't break, didn't itch and generally didn't do all the things that annoy people about other yarns. If I was the type of person to order online, this is something I'd happily order.

The pattern was a good design. I altered it a bit, as my gauge was a bit off compared to the pattern: I did an extra couple of rounds of increasing. Ruth didn't include a stitch count at the end of the increase section which I would have liked, and there was one place where I had to read ahead to check precisely what the instructions wanted me to do. But these are minor quibbles, the design itself was good.

It was also my first experience of a crotchet edging. This really neatened off the edges, and makes it look a whole lot better.

DH just came to ask where his hat was. I think he likes it.


caitlyn said...

The hat looks wonderful! I'm glad you liked the yarn.

Woolly Wormhead said...

I wish I'd known nearer the time about your Hat! Been a poor blog reader lately. Thanks for your feedback on Cascade 220. My only real concern so far with the yarn is that it's supposed to be a aran/worsted, yet feels closer to a DK to me.

Regards the points you mentioned about the pattern - most of the early patterns have some of the stitch counts and such missing, little things, and one or two others have said the same.

For the later patterns, I've tried to include this information, and will get round to updating the earlier patterns when time permits.

Looks a great Hat! Hope DH appreciates it.