Friday, February 16, 2007

Wednesday Finish

This is my new yoga mat bag: I finished it on Wednesday.

It's my own design: there were lots of knitted ones on the internet, but none that I could find that were sewn. It has two handles - a long strap for putting it over my shoulder and another for carrying it in my hand. The material cost about £2/metre from a local shop, but I have no idea what its made of: I'd bought 1.5m last year.

The original plan was to make it barrel shaped with a round base. After I sewed the long side, I decided just to sew across the bottom instead. Unfortunately this meant it wasn't long enough, so I needed to add a flap at the top. This delayed the bag more then feasible: I want an accompanying messenger style bag, but with the limited amount of material available, I knew I'd have to cut it out carefully. But I also wanted to line it, so I made the lining for the accompanying bag, then I cut out the material and made the outer bag. Then I realised I was running low on thread, so I stopped making the messenger bag and started the yoga bag again. And then I finished the yoga bag.

I'm very, very pleased with it. I like the way it looks almost like a medieval quiver. More specifically, I'm really pleased with the eveness of the sewing.
detail of sewing

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katelnorth said...

Nice yoga mat bag. I am currently on my second yoga mat bag (of my own design) - and am not really happy with this one (which is basically a tote bag with handles, only narrower and with an inner pocket for my water bottle). The previous one had a long handle for slinging the bag over my back, but the problem with that was the handle needed more padding or something, as it wasn't comfortable to use. Maybe I should try again - they say third time's the charm, right?