Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thame show

When last seen, our heroine (that'll be me) was debating whether to go to the new quilt shop in Buckingham the following day.

I didn't - I went to the Thame show instead.

Several members of our knitting group had entered the domestic items competition - here is the display. display of knitting

The shawl at the back won first prize and was made by Sue. Yvonne won second place, with the dark purple tank top at the front. Also made by members of our group was the red hat and the multi-coloured sweater at the back. (Picture is clicky, if you want more details).

I took a number of other photos of various animals, but you've seen pictures of cows and alpaca and sheep before, so just mentally insert them here:

My favourite sight was the queue through a small wood to the entrance:
queuing through the wood


Eli said...

I would have enjoyed a trip to the Thame show. I used to live in Bucks and miss the variety of events 'down south'.

Penny said...

It's the first time I've been myself, and it was rather fun. Next year they're changing the date. A Thursday in September just seems a weird day to have it.