Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Festival of Quilts Photos

A small selection somewhat delayed:

I love these two landscape quilts by Jenny Bowker. I'd seen them in pictures, and it was marvellous to see them in real life.
two pictures of Australian landscape

The colour on this quilt was entirely done by embroidery: it was made by Veronika garden of good and evil
I love the bursts of colour in this panel

detail of quilt panel

several quilt panels
A miniature quilt by Kristien van Schalkwyk: the smallest squares had sides of 1/4 inch.
miniature quilt, pattern snail's trail

My own creativity is taken up with my last bit of Latin coursework, and my crafting by the vast numbers of nametapes associated with a new school.


Quirky said...

I especially liked the Jenny Bowker on the left - weren't they amazing?

Penny said...

I'd see the one on the left in pictures, and it was that which had got me interested in Jenny Bowker's work. In fact, there were two reasons I was determined to go this year and one of them was to see Jenny's work in person.

Roobeedoo said...

Please don't get me back into quilts and patchwork - I have enough to do! (Like finishing the quilt from 1995...?) Thanks for heads up re YF - Roo is going to scan the page for me!

Kate said...

Oh they are amazing! Good luck with the name tape and your latin course.