Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A morning's work

Producing this took me most of the morning:
square of red material

It is far more complex then just a red square of fabric with a few pins in it.

I took two pieces of red material - the same fabric range, but different dyelots. Following the instructions in Ferreting Around, I made one piece into bias tape. Next I searched through my other books for the right celtic knot for what I had in mind, and marked some of the intersections using pins. Then without marking the whole of the knot, I pinned the bias tape onto the material:
square of red material

The knot shape is a bit lopsided and uneven - due no doubt to not marking the material first. Here, I used the Gimp to draw a line following the lines of the pinned bias tape. I'm still thinking how best to alter the shape so it looks more even.
square of red material

Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

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