Sunday, January 04, 2009

Perils of charity shop kit Knitting

So, I did the swatch, washed and dried it. I calculated the changes I'd need to make to get the right shape.

I cast on for the back. I started the ribbing. I got to a bit that was hard to the touch, and seemed a bit thin. I wasn't quite sure what had caused it, but I knew I had to wash it, just in case my imagination came up with ideas I didn't want it to have. So I used a tiny bit of wool wash, and just very gently washed it, and teased out the hard bits, and dangled that small stretch over a radiator to dry.

Then I knitted past that place to the end of the row. Then I knitted the next row and horrors:
frayed yarn in knitting

The place where I'd washed it had come apart!

(I'm going to tink back to the beginning of the row, and restart from there.)


Kitty said...

OH blimey - what a pain! You are good - I think I'd have binned it in frustration.

Penny said...

I'm too much in love with it to bin it at the moment. The yarn feels all woolly (its 94% wool, 6% nylon) and it feels all soft and squidgy (but also slightly scratchy). The colours are really nice too.

But I've still got my eye out for bad behaviour.

Anonymous said...

oh noes!
is it worth unwinding all the balls into hanks, washing the hanks and drying them with a small weight on the end, to check they hold up OK?