Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nothing crafty

The crafty things I did last week were:

  1. -
Yes, I had a very non-crafty week. It seems all my knitting is at the stage where I have to think about it, with nothing I can just pick up and knit. And I haven't thought about it. The most annoying is the seventies waistcoat, which should be easy knit stuff, however
  1. I don't think I'll have enough wool
  2. the left front I started is actually the right front with missing buttonholes
Similarly no sewing, and no cooking except the routine boring teatime stuff. You know, baked potato with cheese type, and tuna pasta bake and other things of that ilk.

However, those of you who know Ferret - she has big news. She has been invited to do a gallery at the Festival of Quilts in August. Go Ferret!

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tea and cake said...

I know just what you mean, about the 'no thinking' knitting. Except, I have a vest on the needles, from this month's Yarn Over, which is easy but heavy, bah!