Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Advance Warning: Giveaway ahead

Ginger Monkey has suggested a chain of blog giveways for 4th February. I've been planning to have some more on this blog, and that seems a great way to start them off.

In other news, I got a gorgeous collection of yarn from a fellow raveller. She was asking on several forums for a specific colour of a specific rowan yarn. I had some - less then one ball, but it was plenty for what she wanted. So I sent it to her, and she sent back a collection of Habu yarns. I've photographed them, just need to upload the photos and resize them etc.

I've also had my sewing machine out for the first time since October. Hmm that's a bit embarassing. I'd got to the point where it was so long since I used it that it was a Big Thing to use it. But now it has been out and in action. All I did was start a single patchwork block.

Oh yeah, and Latin. I've got the course books, and I've started reading them, although the course doesn't officially start until Saturday.


Merc said...

Hmm, can I enter your giveaway? I don't know how you're doing it but the way I usually see giveaways is that you leave a comment on the posting about it and then the giver randomly draws someone's name from the list of commenters. I don't know, I'm doing it that way on mine. It's easiest. So come over and visit me and leave a comment. And I hope I win something here. If not, your blog is fun and I'm glad I found it!

trashalou said...

Hello there! How is the pre-reading of the Latin going?

I'm putting my hand up to join with the stash-busting opportunity please :-)

Penny said...

Ok, I've got a post scheduled with blogger for Wednesday morning (UK time). Full details are in there, but basically, you need to leave a comment on that post. Katy's idea was that the giveaway lasts for 24 hours, but I might leave it a bit longer.

I've just got one more set of pictures to upload.

Latin is going OK, although I've discovered "celo" means "I hide", "clamo" means I shout, but "clam" means "secretly".

Sonya said...

Is this the post where you want people to comment? Goodness, who would have thought giving fabric away could be so much fun! I'm doing it too. Can't wait to see if i win something - ooh, and great blog, by the way :o)