Sunday, September 07, 2008

I-Knitted Day

Yesterday - I Knit Day - seemed to fly past.

I did some knitting in the charity knitting area.
Knitting with large needles

I joined a very wet queue to enter the other hall for Stephanie's talk - we were standing outside in a downpour.

Stephanie's talk was very funny, and the audience was very enthusiastic - for a British audience. We even laughed out loud.
distant talker
The audience knitted.
a row of knitters

Then, it was back to the main hall, where I heard Helene Magnusson talk about Icelandic 'rose' patterns. She is a French lawyer who moved there and came across knitted slipper inserts. She has now written a book about them - and I have a signed copy.

I didn't queue up to see Yarn Harlot, because the conversation would go something like "I sometimes read your blog. It's quite amusing".

My purchases were fairly scant, and may be shown in the next post. Just as a hint - cute balls of sock yarn.


Heather said...

Looking forward to seeing your purchases! The knitting on the huge needles looked really hard, I'm afraid I just spectated.

Penny said...

It was very physical. I enjoyed doing it, completely different to normal knitting. I had to really think about the process of forming each stitch, whereas normally it just happens.

lilymarlene said...

I loved that talk by Helene Magnusson too. At first I wondered what I was doing there but suddenly, when she mentioned the garter stitch intarsia I was hooked!
I too didn't queue up to speak to the YH......for the same reason!

E-J said...

Liz pointed out that I had been captured in one of the photos on your blog, but it took me a full 24 hours to find myself. I'm teeny tiny, but I'm there! :) Just to the left of the lady in pink in your "audience knitted" pic ...

I'm so glad I didn't attempt to knit on those huge needles ... Though spotting a dropped stitch would certainly be easier than it is in sockweight yarn ...