Monday, September 08, 2008

Bought at I-knit day

My aim was to buy more patterns then stuff to make patterns with, and I think I succeeded.

First the books:
I've been looking out for the Mason-Dixie book for a while, and hadn't seen it. From a casual glance it looks as good as I was hoping.

The gingerbread book has ginger recipes, including beef and orange stirfry.

Helene signed the Icelandic book - the charts are really intriging, although the patterns themselves might best be described as terse. But its the history side is fascinating.

Then the wool: a kit from Heathland Hebridean to make a bag using wool from rare breed sheep.
big balls of wool
Two balls of sock yarn:
two balls of wool
Correction, two tiny balls of sock yarn, 4 buttons shaped like rulers and a collection of badges.
badges, buttons and balls of wool

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