Thursday, September 04, 2008

1900 bad words, 2 good and 94 adequete ones

I have an essay which is 1996 words long, excluding the footnotes and essay question. I've used the word 'good' twice. There is a 94 word paragraph that is pretty neat, if I say so myself. The rest of it - well, I've got 24 hours, must be able to do something with that.

The good paragraph is about Euler. He went to St Petersburg (Russia) because Peter the Great wanted an academy full of German-style scientists. He was recruited to the Berlin Academy, but unfortunately Frederick II wanted an academy full of French-style academics. Easiest thing would have been for Frederick II of Prussia to have changed jobs, and become King of France. Peter the Great could have left his job as Tsar of Russia and become Emperor of Prussia. That would have left a vacency in Russia, but that job could have been offered to Louis, King of France.

(Actually Peter was dead by then, but that would spoil a good story. And I don't know who the King of France was without checking, but Louis is a good bet, they had 16 of them.)

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Shan said...

I did a term paper on Peter the Great in my "Greats in European History" course back in the examination of why certain people were awarded the term "Great" and others weren't - like Elizabeth I didn't get it, for instance, but Catherine of Russia did. It was an interesting course...Peter was a strange dude.

Which is all to say, "well done!"