Thursday, December 06, 2007

I took my Patchwork to Patchwork Corner

A very long time ago, I posted pictures of my leaf quilt. (Then I managed to delete all the photos I uploaded, so don't go expecting pictures.)

This is it yesterday.

patchwork of random placed maple leaf blocks in two sizes

After I had finished the top, I started piecing the back: the inspiration came from old brick walls, where the bricks are varied in colour: each brick is 25cm by 5.25 inches. That size got the maximum number of bricks from each metric fat quarter.

patchwork which looks like a wall of old bricks

Unfortunately, what with one thing and another, progress completely halted. My sewing machine stayed put away, the quilt was in its bag.

Finally I got back to the bricks a few weeks ago. Originally I spent a lot of time rearranging the layout. This time I just sewed them together without worrying too much about optimal placement. Every so often, I layed them out and occasionally would unpick one seam and resew a different set.

Earlier this year, I'd seen Ferret's list of services. One thing she does is to baste quilts using her long-arm quilter. This would save me a massive amount of time on the next step. So I took it down to Patchwork Corner, for her to collect.

Then I had an even better idea. Rather then basting, could she do some, but not all, of the quilting? The answer was "yes", she could. So we agreed that she would baste leaf motifs over the background - the earth colours - and leave the main leaves for me. So that is what she did.

detail of quilting

Yesterday I went and picked it up. Patchwork Corner has some well-designed quilt hanging displays: you can pin your quilt to a beam which is raised and lowered using a pulley. I took these pictures while I was there.


Shan said...

Wow I love the quilt. Especially the leaf quilting on the earth colours - when you do yours will you do it by hand or machine? I love quilting but haven't done much of it, though I'd like to know more.

Penny said...

The pattern was in a magazine, with a completely different set of colours (pastel red, blue and yellow on a white background). This is the first big quilt I've made and I loved the way the pattern was both regular and random.

I didn't lay out my blocks in quite the same order as the pattern, so it isn't identical.

I'll be quilting it by hand, or rather I've done the first leaf, so I am quilting it by hand.

Nellie's Needles said...

What a wonderful idea ... combining Ferret's machine quilting and your hand quilting. This is a very appealing quilt.