Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Failure to Crochet

Two days running, I have taken my crochet with me in the hope that I'll be able to make some progress on my "Learn to crochet blanket", whilst filling in waiting time.

Day 1: deliver child to school hall approximately 50 minutes before the concert is due to begin. Spend 5 minutes in the car, then go to hall. The mother of Kiddo's friend is the only person queuing at the "Box Office" (aka table outside hall). Go in to hall together, sit down together. Feel guilty as we discuss the book she is holding (Northern Lights), in case she really wanted to read it during the wait (she has many children under 12yo, who all seem to do at least two after-school activities each). Don't get out my crochet.

Day 2: I sit in the car near the teacher's house while t'other Kiddo has their guitar lesson. Normally the lesson is 4.30pm - 5pm, so it is usually cold and dark in the car. Today the lesson was 4.00-4.30, meaning it was still light. I made sure the ball of wool is in my handbag, then drove to the lesson. Get ball out of bag. Look for hook. Continue to look for hook. Empty out bag, look for hook. Conclude hook is not in bag. Wonder how I can fill in the next 30 minutes with no reading matter available. Copy infrmation from old diary to new diary. Mess round with phone, entering ICE number, where ICE is this idea rather then the Institution of Civil Engineers.

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